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Chester County Community Foundation
The Lincoln Building
28 West Market Street
West Chester, PA 19382
610-696-8211 (t)
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To nominate someone for a legacy award, send this form to

The Jordan Award...
Barbara McNeil Jordan & Dr. Henry A. Jordan, 2004 | Profile
The Jordan Award honors a lifetime of exemplary philanthropic leadership.

Philanthropic involvement must be broad and deep in scope, leading to significant long-term accomplishments that ultimately make a real difference in improving the quality of life in Chester County.

Philanthropy is defined as “active efforts to promote human welfare as manifested in donations of money, property, or work to needy persons or to socially useful purposes.” 

Legacy Awards are bestowed annually when nominees of sufficient caliber are made known to the Community Foundation’s Grants/Awards Committee.  Emphasis is placed on those who help create and grow legacy endowments to secure the long-term viability of financing for charitable causes.  All award winners and grantees must demonstrate a strong commitment to Chester County legacy philanthropy. 

Judging criteria include:
1. community issues addressed;  personal involvement;  long-term impact  in resolving or improving issues
     2. philanthropic leadership to achieve lasting results and,
     3.  breadth and depth of impact.

Jordan Award Winners/ Legacy Profiles...

2000 2001 2002
Elizabeth Moran
of Paoli
Gordon B. Hattersley, Jr.
of Berwyn
Aaron Martin
of Kennett Square
Profile Profile Profile
2003 2004 2005
Charles L. “Skip” Huston, III
of Chester Springs
Penelope “Penny” Wilson
of Malvern
David M. Frees, Jr.
of Phoenixville
Profile Profile Profile
2006 2007 2008
Moira & Kenneth Mumma
of Chester Springs
Eva L. Verplanck, Ph.D.
of Kennett Square
Carol Ware Gates, Ph.D.
of Christiana, DE
Profile Profile | Video | Article Profile  | Article
2009 2010     2011
Robert & Jennifer McNeil
of Coatesville
The Herr Family 
of Nottingham
Jacqueline & Martin Clompus
of West Chester
Profile Profile Profile | Press Release | Video

Wiggie & John Featherman of West Chester

Al Eastburn of Coatesville

Richard Kunsch of

The Acorn Youth Philanthropy Award honors young, emerging philanthropists under age 35, who give time, talent and treasure, and inspire others to give.
2014: West Grove Garage Student Advisory Council | Profile
2013: Melissa Christie & Francesca Cintorinno | Profile
2012:  Annie Rubino | Profile
2008:  WCU Relay for Life Student Committee | Profile
2007:  Teresa Anne Hawkins | Profile
2006:  Sarah Abel | Profile
2005:  Phoenixville Youth Philanthropy Program | Profile

The Corporate Social Investment Award is given to a corporation which demonstrates sound principles of business leadership and helps its community prosper by consistently supporting local charities.
2014: The Vanguard Crew | Profile
2013: Thomas Musser, Tri-M | Profile
2012:  ING U.S.  |  Profile
2011:  IMC Construction | Profile| Press Release
2010:  SEI Cares | Profile
2009:  Jeff March & Citadel Federal Credit Union | Profile
2008:  JM Herr for Herr Foods | Profile
2007:  Rose and Angelo Rossi, ANRO | Profile
2006:  Michael Bontrager, Chatham Financial | Profile
2005:  Peter Kjellerup & Mandy Cabot, Dansko | Profile
2004:  Richard A. Kunsch, Phoenixville Federal Bank and Trust | Profile

The Door Opener Award is given to a professional advisor who takes the initiative to bring legacy philanthropy options to the attention of their clients for their consideration.
2014: Lou Teti, Esq. | Profile
2013: Rick Clark, CPA, CFP,ChFC, | Profile
          Steve Olsen, Esq.| Profile
          Tim Knauer Esq. | Profile
2012:  Robb S. Frees, ClC  | Profile
2011:  Duke Schneider, Esq. | Profile
2010:  William J. Gallagher, Esq. | Profile
2009:  The Honorable Dr. Clifford E. DeBaptiste | Profile
2008:  John A. Featherman, III, Esq. | Profile
2007:  David M. Frees, III, Esq. | Profile
2006:  Michael B. Karwic, CFP. | Profile
2005:  L. Peter Temple, Esq. | Profile
2004:  Stephen McGann | Profile


The Thanks for Caring Award spotlights neighborhood organizers who work at a grassroots level to promote local causes by giving time, talent and treasure, as well as recruiting others to the causes.
2014: Miguel Alban | Profile
2013: Elmer Duckinfield | Profile
2012:  Ophelia Bass, Theresa Bass & LaToya Myers of Kennett Square | Profile
2011:  Susan Elko | Profile
2010:  David Mooberry | Profile
2009:  Reverend Marie Swayze
| Profile
2008:  Peg Anderson | Profile
2007:  James Ferrier | Profile
2006:  Joan Holliday of Kennett Square; Emma Valenteen | Profile
2005:  Marvin and Shirley Porter | Profile
2004:  Donald J.L. Coppedge | Profile

2014 Special Achievement Award: 90/60- Honoring 90 years of age and 60 years of business.
2014: Dr. Clifford E. Debaptiste | Profile



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Start A Fund


It is easier than you think!

A tax-deductible fund or foundation can be established in a single meeting.



To Donate Online

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To Donate Via United Way

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