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Joseph Lewis was subsequently rewarded by President Lincoln by being named Director of the Internal Revenue during his administration.

The iron balcony on the second floor of the building was added by Squire Everhart shortly before his death in 1868 as a platform for public speaking by members of the local Republican party, which had at the time made the Everhart-Lincoln Building their headquarters in Chester County.  (Abraham Lincoln was, of course, the Republican party's first presidential candidate, having been elected to prior offices as a Whig and an Independent.  It is also of interest from Lincoln's biographical notes that his 18th century ancestors were from nearby Berks County, PA)

When Squire Everhart died at age 83 it was reported that he had done "more to contribute to the wealth and prosperity of West Chester than any other one of its citizens."  Today a borough park bears his name, and the reproduction of a painting of William Everhart can be found in the Lincoln Buildings board room.

The Lincoln Building remained in the Everhart family until 1905.  Over the years it was occupied by many prominent borough residents, including Norris Smith Printer; Downing and Pinkerton, editors and publishers; M. S. Way and Son, Real Estate and Insurance, and Wayne McVeagh, Esq., who later became attorney general in President Garfield's cabinet.

Through the 1900's the Lincoln Building was attached to the famous Mansion Hotel on the corner of Market and Church (also built by Everhart) by a series of small shops.  The Mansion was known far and wide for its caged collection of wild monkeys in the lobby, and was frequently used to sequester jury members.  True to its political past, during this period, the Lincoln Building often served as campaign headquarters for various political aspirants.

The Lincoln Building was purchased by West Chester businessman David Kirby in 1977 in order to save it from proposed demolition at the time of construction of the adjacent commercial building.  That construction left 28 West Market street as a stand-alone structure.  Mr. Kirby undertook a meticulous restoration of the building and successfully petitioned for it to be added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.  He used the building for his personal offices for several years until 1991.

In 1997 Mr. Kirby agreed to sell the Lincoln Building to the Chester County Community Foundation, which had been formed in 1994, to use as their headquarters.  From this building the foundation will undertake numerous activities in cooperation with local citizens and organizations, to maintain and enhance the quality of life in Chester County, Pennsylvania.                            

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